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Hello and welcome to the blog.  I’m a former video game programmer and game studio exec who got into algorithmic trading about 10 years ago.  It started out as just a part time hobby,  but quickly grew into a full time obsession.  I retired about two years ago and trading has been my sole source of income ever since.

The goal of this blog is to document the performance of my systems as transparently as possible, as well as discuss the nuts and bolts of the trading system development process.   The blog will also provide bookmarks to various sites and articles I’ve found useful along the way.  And I’ll try and toss in the occasional relevant news item, video clip, and/or book review, as time permits.

Please note that the blog’s cheeky moniker (“Trading’s not a game – it’s an IQ Test”) wasn’t intended as a boast on my part;  While I like to think of myself as brighter than the average guy, I’m rarely the smartest guy in the room.  I actually chose that particular moniker as it resonated with me as a retail trader –  I’m very much aware that  by joining this game I’m pitting myself against some of the top minds on the planet, who have access to much faster computers, lower commissions, more optimal executions, and more political favors than the rest of us.  So from my perspective trading IS an IQ test, a battle of the minds, and retail traders are at a distinct disadvantage.  Only time will tell if I’ll survive the carnage.

But hopefully in my favor is the fact that inventing, coding, and testing automated/algorithmic trading systems has been my full time job for quite some time now.  I have over a decade of experience at it and I’m always back testing something, every day, almost 24/7 (almost).   My assumption is that my trading and development experience should provide me with an edge over most retail traders, and my relatively small bankroll should allow me to be more nimble than the big guys, regardless of how many congressmen they own :-)

Anyway, my hope is that this blog will appeal and provide some utility to other programmers and trading system developers, as well as peak the interest of any software guys who are curious about trading.  I have a lab book filled with ideas I’ve yet to test,  so there should be plenty of topics to discuss on this board.  And as time permits, I’ll also try and post the results of systems I’m currently testing.

Thanks very much for taking a look;  I’m looking forward to some insightful discussions.  Hope to see you on the blog!



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For more info about my technique and systems, check out this reddit IAMA I posted a while back.

You can find more about my journey into the world of algorithmic trading here:  The Fateful Lunch


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