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Posts tagged ‘Artificial Intelligence’


How Algorithms Shape Our World (video)

Kevin Slavin’s TED talk on high-frequency trading.  He shows how these complex computer programs determine: espionage tactics, stock prices, movie scripts, and architecture. And he warns that we are writing code we can’t understand, with implications we can’t control.



A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

This has absolutely nothing to do with algorithmic trading, but the coolness factor was so over the top that I couldn’t help myself.  When these things become self-aware, we’re all screwed…



Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes

A nice overview of Bio-Inspired algorithms, including Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Simulated Annealing, Neural Networks, Particle Swarms, Ant Colonies, Artificial Immune Systems, etc (click on title for article).


The Journey Begins

(This post is a continuation of “The Fateful Lunch”)

My head was spinning as I walked to the car after my conversation with James;  The idea of using one’s PC to analyze and trade the market in a completely automated fashion was very appealing to me.

Why?  Because Automated Trading not only provides a path to grow one’s wealth;  It also presents your inner geek with the opportunity to delve into aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Bio-Inspired Algorithms (neural networks, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, reinforcement learning, fuzzy clustering, vector quantization, etc).   Put more plainly:  You get to play with cool stuff while earning some nice coin.  It doesn’t get any better than that!